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Hollywood Spa Pamper Room -IlookmystyleA special day out just for you with a friend or a group of special friends for your special birthday celebration!

We can celebrate your special birthday in our Hollywood pamper room a experience to remember with your friends forever.

The pamper day out is ideal for all age groups.
Aspa says “My business is a new trend that effects young girls positively, and it builds their self esteem." and make it a memorable pamper experience.
Enjoy a girl bonding Spa with Mum, BBF, special family members, school friends for a special occasion or a special treat.

Isn’t that what being a girl is all about? Be Confident, Be beautiful and always be yourself!

Pamper Packages
Hollywood Pampering Packages
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Princess Pampering Packages
Princess Pampering happens in our beautiful Princess Pamper room.
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