Princess Experience Hair Dressing Salon for Girls

Princess Hair Dressing Salon - Prices & Services

Our gorgeous Royal Princess Tale. A unique salon pampering experience to engage every girls hearts.
Our amazing Princess salon will leave a memorable special experience that will be talked for months ahead.
Our Glam Fairies are qualified experience Hair stylists that are very warm child experienced crew of cutters for kids of all ages.

All staff are fully trained to work with kids. Our stylists are knowledgeable on all the latest children’s and tween cutting, hairstyles for a special occasion.

We make every girl feel the Royal Princess experience and make every girl feel special with our girly pampering.

“Happy girls are the prettiest.”
ilookPrincessCut $25,
•Princess Salon
•Princess Fairy Cape or Princess Mermaid Cape •Hair Cut
•Dry Off

ilookPrincessCut $45
•Princess Salon
•Princess Cape or Mermaid Cape
•Hair Cut
•Hair Dry Off
•Princess Tiara
•Hair Braid With Colour & Optional Sparkles to finish your hairstyle

ilookPrincessBraid from $20.00 •Full Braid
ilookPrincess Cut $35 (With Certificate)
•Princess Salon
•Princess Cape or Mermaid Cape
•Hair Cut
•Hair Dry Off & Sparkled
•Princess For A Day Certificate

ilookPrincessCurls $30
A birthday or communion special occasion to choose from the following (depends on hair length.) •Hair Style Curls
•Curls With A Braid or Hair Straightening
•Curling Wand or Straighteners

ilookPrincessSalon Hair & Nails - from $35.00
•Princess Salon
•Princess Hair Braid Sparkles
•A Spray Of Princess Perfume Snow-white, Cinderella, Ariel
•Complimentary fingernails painting of your choice