Kids First Hair Cuts for Young Boys and Girls

Kids First Hair Cuts

For the last 19 years I have operated my own salons. Over that time I had thousands of parents have brought their children in for the first haircut.
I guess you could call me the Children’s first haircut expert.
In a childs life it is such a momentous event fraught with all kinds of emotions both good and bad.
To help with this experience here is a list of my tried and true tips to help prepare your child for the big day.
Tips for making your child’s first haircut fun and easy.
When to cut:
I have seen babies as young as two months come in for their first haircut, while others don’t visit a salon until two years old. Keep in mind every child is different and there is no age at which they need that first haircut. Here are some indicators to help you decide when it is your babys first haircut. When hair starts to get in your babys eyes or its bothering them the child in some way. When fly a ways on the sides look like wings. When people start saying that your son “is such a cute little girl”.

Preparing for the first haircut.
The first haircut is a new experience for your child so you should prepare yourself for tears or fears that may arise.
During the first hair cut even the most confident child can get the first hair cut jitters when the time comes. Here is my advice on having a fuss free and positive salon experience.
Bring your child with you to visit our salon a few days before the actual haircut.
Bring an extra shirt in case they don’t want to wear a protective cape.
Sometimes it helps to remind little boys that super heroes wear capes!
And your little girl can be a princess or mermaid for a day by wearing our cutting cape.
Pick a time that is good for your child, not a nap time or that cranky hour in between.
Do not use the word “cut” which may be scary for some kids. Use words such as ‘style’.
Use nicknames like ‘Wind Machine’ for a Blow Dryer, Mr. Tickles for the soft cleaning brush to remove hair from the face.
The Busy Bee for the little Clippers to clean the hair line.
So now they are now less afraid of any noise and relaxed.
Remember to save the first Totts lock of hair for your Baby Book.
Your Childs hair will probably change in colour or texture as he or she gets older.
If you are not going to a kids Salon ask which stylist is the best for working with children.
Many stylists do not like to work with children and book an appointment with that person to avoid trauma hair cut experiences.
Have your child bring their favourite book or toy or even a lollipop as boredom is sure to bring out the worst both of you.

Kids hair cuts In our Fun Kids Cut Salon your little ones can sit in a Race Car, Thomas the Tank, an Aeroplane or a Pink Car and watch a DVD of their choice .

We supply lollipops, helium balloons, we will even blow bubbles and sing songs to distract and sooth them while they have a happy experience of their first, second etc cut.

At Fun Kids Cuts we celebrate the occasion with a First Haircut Certificate and a organza bag to hold your Totts first lock. The more fun you can make the trip to Fun Kids Cuts the better for all!
Follow my tips for your childs first haircut the second, third etc will be a breeze.