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Our Princess salon is a fairy tale experience to make a hair cut special than the rest. We encourage a hassle-free hair cut experience for girls. We also make every Princess haircut an amazing experience with a touch of magic, with a pamper after their haircut, that’s what makes you feel like a Princess!.

Our princess’s haircuts suit every age group.

A unique Princess boutique salon is made for a hair cut & pampering experience to engage every girl’s hearts. Our amazing Princess salon will leave a memorable special experience that will be talked for months ahead. Aspa the child whisperer is a qualified experienced hairstylists for 27 years that will captivate your daughter’s fears, or will captivate your daughter’s dream to come true and make her feel like a PRINCESS FOR A DAY!!

“Happy girls are the prettiest”


ilookPrincess Cut (With My First Princess Hair Cut Certificate)

• Princess Salon
• Princess Cape or Mermaid Cape
• Hair Cut
• Hair Dry Off & Hair Braided & Sparkled
• Princess For A Day Certificate to keep

from $49.99

ilookPrincess Salon Hair Cut

• Princess hair cut
• Princess Fairy Cape or Princess Mermaid Cape
• A Spray Of Princess Perfume Snow-white, Cinderella, Ariel

Only $35


ilookPrincess Braid

• Full Braid

From $20

ilookPrincess Curls
• A birthday or communion special occasion to choose from the following (depends on hair length.)
• Hair Style Curls
• Curls With A Braid or Hair Straightening
• Curling Wand or Straighteners

From $30

Princess Hair Salon & Pampering Like No Other!


When it’s time for your haircut, trust ilookmystyle® PRINCESS SALON for the perfect haircut style and comes with a special hair braid, nail painting, and more. We are a children’s salon and spa that specializes in haircuts for girls and boys ages zero to tweens. Our hairdressers are trained to work with children. We are knowledgeable on all the latest children’s and tween hairstyles, including updos and braiding and known for our pampering hair services and our special surprises with every child’s haircuts!




Thanks Aspa… haircut was very un-traumatic, coffee is fabulous – will recommend to everyone, great value too. (Facebook Comment)

Bernni Jackson  



Thank you Aspa for not only giving my son Declan a very cute new haircut but for also cheering me up. We will be back xoxo (Facebook Comment)

Renee Kilner



My Daughter had her first hair cut today and she loved it. The hairdresser was so so lovely and really made a fuss of Em. I have been telling everyone about this place! Love it x

Rosie Stewart